Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Episode 15 - I've been busy!

Thanks to jillseymac, Melrawknits, KnitterintheUS, sillyfru, denvani, knittly and ToadyJoe for their iTunes reviews!

Finally blocked my Springtime Bandit! Knit using Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn
Finished the Lightweight Pullover!
Finished the BMFA Socks that Rock socks in Jabberwocky
Cast on for the Plum Frost Cardigan. Had some issues.
The New England Shetland is a pretty rustic yarn
Cast on and finished a baby sweater using Shibui Knits Sock. I used the Craft Yarn Council of America's guide for baby sizing as a guide.
Also knit a Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap
Sent along EZ's February Baby Sweater knit in a BMFA Rare Gem
Cast on for Sunshine out of Cookie A's Sock Innovation book
Spun up my Sheep 2 Shoe kit from BMFA.
Spinning a grey/charcoal Merino/Romney fleece processed by Morro Fleece Works

Thinking about using that fleece to make Green Gable Hoodie, Sylvi, Buttony Sweater or Rosamund's Cardigan.

Inspired by abbeylyn's Beatles Blanket and rstovin's Invader Yoke Sweater

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