Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 27

Thanks to Tiessard3, Susan, RN, deedergirl, Mr. Hollick, and jeanmarie01 for the great iTunes reviews!

I finished my Acer Cardigan! I used the Knitmore Girls Grosgrain Ribbon and Button Tutorial to do the finishing. Amy Christoffers designed the Acer Cardigan.

Knit a Daybreak out of some Koigu KPPPM. Have plans for another one using Turtlepurl yarn. I loved BlueMoonArtistry's Daybreak.

Finished spinning the Merino/silk singles and plied them. I started working on the Children of Lir Shetland Square. This pattern wasn't working out, so I ripped out and started the Fountain Pen Shawl.

I was knitting the Children of Lir using Signature Needles. I highly recommend them!

Future plans include attending Black Sheep Gathering June 24-26 and Sock Summit July 28-31st.

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