Monday, August 1, 2011

Episode 29 - A Postcard from Sock Summit

I attended Sock Summit 2011 at the Oregon Convention Center.

Attended a Silent Auction that the proceeds went to Doctors without Borders, where I purchased a yarn bowl from Jennie the Potter.

My first purchase was some Signature Needles to fill out my collection.

Other yarn purchased on the first day was:

Out of Step Dyeworks for self striping.

From Dirty Water Dyeworks, I got a Sweet Bunting Cardigan pattern and yarn.

The Podcaster Meet and Greet included:

Kristine from the Yarnings Podcast
Sherill from Belle of the Ball
Natalie from Cloudy with a Chance of Fiber
Ben and Abby from the Knit Knit Cafe
Carin from Knit Wits
Carin from Round the Twist
Rachel from Knitcents
Paula from Knitting Pipeline

Thanks to the Bar-Maids for giving us some of their demo time!

Fiber Optics Yarn is where I purchased my Gradient Fiber. I was inspired to buy this from my Spinning a Painted Sock class with Janell Laidmen. The Fiber Optics booth is where they had the gradient Evenstar Shawl.

Check out the Sock Summit Sock Museum!

Check out my video of the Flash Mob!

Montage is an excellent restaurant, if you like Southern food!

Spotting wheels in my class, the one I couldn't name WAS the Pocket Wheel!

I purchased new Danskos at Sock Summit

Hazel Knits were purchased to knit Kristine's new shawl, Caritas!

Indigo Dragonfly has the best colorway names!

Check out the Fleece to Foot Challenge info.

I loved the booth of Periwinkle Sheep.

Take a listen here!